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Our services

Z We combine food producers and merchants
Z We showcase the product’s taste, scent, and qualities
Z We offer competence and experience in marketing
Z We offer assistance for trade fairs and promotions

Representative services

Food manufacturer or importer – in need of a sales representative? We have several years of experience in acting as reliable partner between the producer and the merchant..

We have solid experience in food industry and an existing network of shops and merchants. We also have retailers actively contacting us.

Representative services can be tailored to match your exact needs, and we will be available whenever you need us. Transparency and confidentiality form the basis for our work. We also do season sales and campaign sales.

Sales demonstrator services

Our goal is for people to taste and love your products. We have several years’ experience of food products and manufacturers. We have had both large and small clients among product manufacturers and merchants.

We have assisted in launching several new products into the market, and clients have gotten to know our style. It’s our pleasure to participate in expanding the sales of your product.


We have a long, solid experience of food supply chains and operators therein..

As a food importer, we have collaborated with several domestic and foreign manufacturers and logistics solutions. If you need consulting on how to streamline food supply chains and make food deliveries run seamlessly, we are here for you.

Trade fairs and promotions

Do you need assistance in organising trade fair and promotion events?.

We have a long experience in organising food industry trade fairs and promotions. We will build the event as a turnkey project – just let us know your wishes and goals, and we will send you a quote on a finished event.

Sales and marketing

Do you need additional resources for sales and marketing of your product?

We have a wide cooperation network of food retailers in different parts of Finland. We are the partner to go to when you want to get your product on a retailer’s shelf. Tell us about your products and your needs, and we will send you a quote on the sales and marketing for your products.

Let’s do it together!

You have a better chance of success with the right partner and cooperation network. We have years of work experience in sales, marketing and import of food products.

We believe that we have the competence and experience you need for growth and success.

Contact us and let us know your needs and wishes – together we can find the right solution for you.